Waze suffers lag issues on CarPlay and Android Auto

Waze suffers lag issues on CarPlay and Android Auto

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Google’s other navigation app, Waze, is an incredibly helpful way to stay informed on your route, but lately the app has been suffering from lag issues on Android Auto and CarPlay for some.

A trending support thread on Google’s forums as well as a second over on Waze’s own forums shows that there are quite a few Waze users seeing lag problems across CarPlay and Android Auto.

The problem at hand appears to be with the app struggling to keep up with touch input and showing updates to the display. Whether there’s active navigation or not, the app simply starts to experience stutters and other issues after just a few minutes. In some cases, the location shown on the display can be off, showing the car in a different place. On the CarPlay side of things, Waze “kills” the platform according to some users, but the issues stop as soon as Waze is not in use.

The majority of these reports seem to be stemming from CarPlay users, but Android Auto appears to be affected by the same basic issue.

It’s unclear what the precise culprit, but the good news is that other mapping apps are unaffected. That means you can still use Google Maps or Apple Maps if this issue is affecting you.

A Product Expert on Google’s forums has said that an internal bug report has been submitted to Waze developers, but there’s no concrete timeline on when to expect a fix on either platforms.

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